One of the most critical, though often neglected, responsibilities of carpet owners involves routine maintenance and Clean Tech knows Carpet Cleaning!

The useful life and appearance of carpet is affected substantially by the type, quality and frequency of carpet cleaning. Carpet that is properly cared for can provide you with many years of beauty and service.

However, routine maintenance may not be enough to combat heavy stains and disasters. For these times, make sure to call Clean Tech. Our well-trained team is here for you and your carpets! We make it our mission to clean and deodorize your carpet to give it new life!

Clean Tech utilizes the Hot Water Rotary Jet Extraction method with truck-mounted equipment. The RX-20 Hot Water Rotary Jet Extractor applies constant pressure and rotates 360° providing a deeper cleaning into your carpet. Five rotary jet heads and five vacuum heads start extracting soils instantly from stained and soiled carpet.

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