Odors can be caused by many sources and odor removal can be difficult.

Clean Tech has the training and equipment to identify and eliminate those offensive odors. By identifying the cause of an odor, and determining the conditions of how it contacts any surfaces, the odors can often be removed over a period of time and often without a trace. Clean Tech’s Odor Removal services can help your nose rest easy.

The first step of odor removal is to determine the source and solve the problem. Then the Clean Tech team of professionals will utilize the best products and equipment available to remove the odor leaving our customers with a healthier indoor living environment.

Pet Odor Control

We all love the affection and fun that pets bring to our lives, however at Clean Tech we also understand that our furry friends can often leave their mark in more ways than one. We utilize products designed to address the unique challenges pets pose. Please ask us how we can help your needs.

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